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 Brian believes in a Free America. That means keeping Uncle Sam out of our business as much as possible. But more than that, in ending regulations that interfere with our personal freedoms. He is a staunch believer in "if what you're doing doesn't hurt me, then do it". Obviously the real issues are often times a lot bigger than that understanding but remain the heart of everything he does. 

Feel free to read through the issues, but in the end they all have the same answer. Do no harm, and the government should back off.


My personal feelings on this subject are that I'm not allowed to have personal feelings on this subject unless I'm directly involved in the issue. The government also doesn't have any business in this issue. They need to stay out and let you make the decisions that matter most to you. As someone who has seen this up close and personal I can tell you that no one in the government has any idea what is going through your head and therefore is in no position to tell you what to do. It is a complicated and personal matter. (Read More)


Marijuana is a losing battle in almost the entire country. It's medicinal effects have been proven time and time again. As a recreational substance it is proven to be safer than many other legal things. Most importantly, alcohol. It is time for the war on drugs to be over. 

The war on drugs is racist and pointless. We are spending way too much time and energy going after people for low level drug crimes. Especially when the drug is marijuana. We deserve the prop 2 that we voted for and then some. 

As you will notice throughout my campaign, however, I'm not here for my own personal beliefs. But if it is the will of my constituents I will put in measures and vote for the legalization of recreational use

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I believe that vaccines can be a huge help to the general public, but in no way do I support mandates on them. They are part of your body and you should have full control over what goes into it. 

A lot of Libertarians are offended at the thought that someone would even get a Covid Vaccine. I again think it's no one's business what you do when it comes to these.

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The first thing I did when I became Vice Chair of the newly reorganized Weber County Libertarian Party, was organize a coat drive. Our combined efforts garnered 63 coats and countless socks, hats, gloves and underwear.

I believe in working with the same organizations that Commissioner Jenkins is working with. He has done an amazing job and I would like to continue his legacy of working with the homeless as well as the Veterans in Weber County. Especially considering that I am a Vet and have been close to being homeless after my foray into war. 

There is a major problem of homelessness and poverty in our County and while we can't force them out of it we can and do offer programs to help them build themselves out of poverty. I would push for those programs to be expanded while cutting the red tape getting people the help they need. 

I do not believe in providing housing and free money but in building them into a position where they can be proud of what they have done and how they got out of their situations.

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The first thing the state needs to do to combat drought is to water their lawns less frequently. No one should be constrained to 1 or 2 waterings a week while the state is watering every day. If you walk past any government building you will find they water on a daily basis. Stop allowing the state to steal your water and then tax you to let them use it so they have green lawns while we have brown and yellow ones (Read More)


While I disagree with taxing people, if we are going to be taxed it should go to the right places. One major issue is our roads. We pay a hefty fee to travel our roads and when it rains we should be able to at least see the lines in the roads. I want to push for reflective paint on the roads so we can all drive easy. (Read More)

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