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Contact me if you have questions about specific issues and I will respond and most likely add my response to this page. 

In the mean time I will give you a brief of where I stand, though a lot of issues people want to know about don't have anything to do with county level leadership such as; water prices, war in Ukraine, our current president, abortion. I'd be happy to respond with my opinion relevant to this position or not.

My personal issues that I am taking aim at are the red tape taking most of the spending meant for aid. Why are we paying more than 4X the amount of actual aid given to red tape making sure the aid goes where it should? Isn't that kind of an oxymoron? My calculations show that only 16% of the money going into the county for aid actually helps people. The other 84% goes to the red tape. How is this a beneficial government? In order to cut taxes we need to cut the red tape and get the money where it's supposed to be spent. In order to run an efficient government the government needs to get out of its own way. 

Taxes. I hate them. Don't you? I want them all to go away, but then we wouldn't be living in a community where we feel safe and taken care of anymore. Taxes should be limited to the bare minimum, and jobs directing that spending need to be cut by at least half. The amount of permits required by both city and county planning offices is out of hand.

Police, should be in place to serve and protect. Definitely not to fill the bottom line. I believe a police department that relies on tickets and fines to stay open is too big for itself. This seems self serving for the departments and cities and not for the people.

Roads, if the city, county, or state are doing construction they would need to enforce that the contractors are doing a good job and cleaning up after themselves properly so that windows aren't being broken. And of course, stop spending more money figuring out how to spend the money rather than how the money is spent.

Schools, you should not be limited by your availability to afford a specific neighborhood as to where your children go to school. ALL children deserve a great education.

LGBTQ+ Let consenting adults do what they want. Keep in mind the words "consenting" and "adults". And as I don't agree with taxes in general, just accept that it's where we have put ourselves, I don't agree with spending tax dollars on the subject. Let people be who they are.

Guns, I don't own them but I think they should be owned for personal protection. The 2nd amendment was written hundreds of years ago not to allow people to hunt but to protect themselves from evil, including an evil government. Polls show most people don't trust the government so why trust a government that doesn't trust you to protect yourself from them?

Drugs. End the war on drugs. Criminalizing addicts doesn't do us any good. Jail is a waste of tax payer money for most convicts. Simple possession shouldn't be a crime. Breaking other laws, in order to possess, or due to it's use, should be. Simply being caught without committing any other crimes except possession isn't keeping us safe, it's stigmatizing and degrading and ruins lives for years with no shown positive outcome. We instead need to focus on recovery and assistance.

Abortion, I can't get pregnant. If I have a child in a womb my personal choice is to bring said child to term unless a DR says the child, or mother won't make it. But that's a personal decision that I don't get to enforce on others despite my personal preferences.

Ukraine; I say we can give them our outdated equipment if we want, which we're not going to use. But I don't believe in spending money on a war we are not involved in. If there is no declaration of war from congress, then we need to stay in our lane.

Israel, this is a touchy subject that not many people are educated about, but have strong feelings. Our information is very limited and conflicting. So I'm going to keep quiet for now. Update, any and all hate should have no voice in any government. 

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