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I have known Brian for over 20 years now, when I was faculty at what is now UVU. Here is a man who is wonderfully aware of local, state, and even national issues. What I have seen in these last few chapters of his life is a superb awareness not just of important issues, but of where the answers offered by the two major parties fall - and where they fail! I greatly enjoyed being his campaign manager a couple of years ago, engaging with him not only in what he wanted to communicate but also in the development of his opinions as we spent hours on multiple occasions thinking not just about but through his stances on issues. What I respect about him more than anything is his concern not just for the people he seeks to represent, but also for the importance of core values that make this country strive to continue being what we are most proud of being. Having been an educator for 40 years, and having recently taught US History and US Government to high school students, I can honestly say that Brian Rowley is a candidate that I will truly support, and even work for. Here is a first-rate opportunity to support someone standing on new ground that is meant to pull us together, rather than rip us apart. — MARTIN KOKOL

I think my dad is pretty cool… even if he wasn’t a marine. — Logan Rowley

Committee to Elect Brian ROWLEY
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