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Who is Brian?

An Afghanistan Veteran, he always wanted to serve the best way he could. He joined the Utah Army National Guard at 21 and worked on the Apaches at the Airport in West Jordan. After leaving the Army in 2014 he tried to find his place. He was an electrician for a while and worked in restaurants until his work ethic put him in charge of one. 

In 2020 when having to lay off the majority of his employees due to the Covid pandemic he realized something deep down. First that the 2 party system we have now was not the way to make decisions; and secondly that if he could care that much for his few employees why not use that same thinking to make sure that the whole City, County, State and even country could have someone backing them and their best interests and not the interests of big tech and giant corporations.  

 Brian is an accomplished member of the Libertarian Party in Weber County. While growing up with humble beginnings and remaining that way, Brian enjoys helping out with charities as well as standing up for freedom.


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